Thursday, September 18, 2008

Catching Up

Hard for me to believe it's been over a year since my last post.  I think my problem was I was too much of a perfectionist when it came to "blogging."  Not that I should have cared because I think I have at most 2 readers, but nonetheless - I felt like everything I put up here should be held up to some standard which I could never really define.  And thus the perfect was the enemy of the good.  Or even just of the ok.  And here I am, a year later.  I think I could have used the outlet.   It probably would have been good for me.

So, I'm actually wearing headphones right now - not that it matters - there's no sound coming out of them.   Taking a quick break in between watching episodes of the Wire.  Grace is asleep next to me and I'm fighting off the odor of a Ms. Jackson bomb.  Nothing like having the litter box close to the bed.  

So, while this may not catch anyone up on what's really been going on with me - I think that's ok, mostly because no one's reading and thus no one really cares.  So why not waste a little space on the internet with what ultimately amounts to little more than a typing exercise.  Think I'll clear out the SPAM comments and go back to the Wire.  Something about that show has consumed me at night lately - looking forward to moving on to a new place - David Simon's Baltimore is depressing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who says no one's reading...

Why wear headphones when you're not listening to music?

4:31 PM


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